Australian Society of Endodontology

“The ASE is the largest special interest society affiliated with the ADA”


Research Grants Advisory Committee (RGAC)

Chairman Prof Peter Parashos
Dr Ward Rutley
Dr Santo C. Cardaci
Dr David Barnard
Dr Fabrizio Damiani


Endodontic Education Subcommittee

Chairman Assoc Prof Alex Moule
Undergraduate Contacts:
New Zealand Assoc Prof Nick Chandler
Mrs CJ Hauman
New South Wales Prof Roland Bryant
Dr Michelle Heffernan
Queensland Dr Unni Krishnan
Dr Christine Peters
South Australia Prof Geoffery Heithersay AO
Prof Giampiero Rossi-Fedele
Dr Erika Vinczer
Victoria Dr Chankhrit Sathorn
Western Australia Prof Paul Abbott AO
Dr Jacky Castro
La Trobe University Assoc Prof Phillippe Zimet
Griffith University QLD Dr Lea Foster
Postgraduate Contacts:
New Zealand Assoc Prof Nick Chandler
Queensland Prof Ove Peters
South Australia Prof Giampiero Rossi-Fedele
Victoria Prof Peter Parashos
Western Australia Prof Paul Abbott AO
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Need to Contact a Committee Member?
Although we have provided the contact details of our office bearers, please be respectful of their use. The best way to contact the committee is to complete the contact forms located on each State page and you should get a response within 1-2 days.
Have you got a research project that needs funding?
ASE members can apply for a research grant. Further details can be found under the Awards and Grants page including the application form.
Would you like to purchase brochures for your patients?
We have printed 6pp DL brochures available for purchase under Resources or our Shop for use in your practice.