Australian Society of Endodontology

Having just served as the president of the Australian Society of Endodontology, I can say that the experience was truly worthwhile. I had the opportunity to connect with fellow specialists and general dentists throughout Australia as well as forming new friendships and professional relationships with some of the foremost specialists in overseas countries as well.

Dr Jeff Hislop

Federal President 2014-2016

Office Bearers

Federal President Dr Donna Richards
Sydney Endodontists
11th Floor
60 Park St
T: 02 9267 3908
Federal Secretary/Treasurer Dr Mark O’Sullivan
Specialist Endodontics
Suite 1, 40 Ridley St
T: 02 4944 4000
Immediate Past President Dr Jeff Hislop
Endodontics Only
141 Queen St
Queen Street Mall
T: 07 3003 0311
Councilors Dr Oliver Pope – VIC
Dr William Ha – QLD
Dr Dan Farmer – SA
Dr Gus jang –  WA
Co-ordinator Tasmania Dr Katherine Janney
Membership Officer Dr Nigel Rock
Public Officer Dr Steve Dahlstrom
Web Site Co-ordinator Dr Patrick Caldwell

State Branch Presidents, Secretaries and Federal Councillors


President Dr Averil Tse
Secretary/Treasurer Dr Michael Yoon
Federal Councillor Dr Sara Firouzabadi


President Dr William Ha
Secretary/Treasurer Dr Margot Anderson
Federal Councillor Dr Ian Davies

New South Wales

President Dr Omar Ikram
Secretary/Treasurer Dr Mehdi Rahimi
Federal Councillor Dr Donna Richards

South Australia

President Dr Aaron Seet
Secretary/Treasurer Dr Angela Jou
Federal Councillor Dr Daniel Farmer

Western Australia

President Dr Michael Lee
Secretary/Treasurer Dr Michael Nguyen
Federal Councillor Dr Siang Hsu

Honorary Life Members

1980 Dr Ernst (Effy) Ehrmann OAM (dec)
1989 Dr Geoffrey Heithersay AO
1989 Dr John Mayne
1989 Dr Ron Rankine – Wilson (dec)
1994 Dr Anthony Martin
1994 Dr Steven Cohn
1997 Dr Gilbert Shearer
1998 Dr John Booth (dec)
2002 Dr Barry Feiglin
2010 Dr Nigel Rock
2016 Dr Mark Wotzke
2016 Dr Ralph Reid

State Life Members

NSW Prof Barry Barker (dec)
Prof Roland Bryant
Dr Steven Cohn
Dr Max Halliday
Dr Anthony Martin
Dr John Mayne
QLD Dr Grahame Brown (dec)
Dr Gil Shearer
Dr Ralph Reid
Dr Stuart Simpson
SA Dr John Booth (dec)
Dr Lachlan Daenke
Dr Geoffrey Heithersay AO
VIC Dr Julian Basser (dec)
Dr John Carey
Dr Effy Ehrmann OAM (dec)
Dr Barry Feiglin
Dr Tony Langford
Dr Garry Nervo
Prof Peter Parashos
Dr Ernie Stiebel (dec)
Dr Ennio Rebellato
Dr David Figdor
Dr Paul Fitz-Walter
A/Prof Phillippe Zimet
WA Dr Ron Rankine-Wilson (dec)
Dr Bruce Stone
Dr Tony Sandler

Honorary Members

Dr Jens Andreasen (Copenhagen)
Professor Rory Hume (USA)

Australian Endodontic Journal

Editor-in-Chief Dr Ralph Reid
Sub-Editor Dr Christine Yu
Editorial Board Prof Paul Abbott AO
Dr Peter Cathro
Prof Peter Parashos
State Branch Correspondents:
NSW Dr Vince Blefari
QLD Dr Ward Rutley
SA Dr Aaron Seet
VIC Dr Martin Gale
WA Dr Siang Hsu