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“Participating in the essay competition was a truly rewarding experience. Not only did I further understand the concepts in endodontics, it also made me appreciate the complexity and challenges we face on the job. Of course, winning the prize money was the cherry on top!”

Tiffany Ke

2015 Undergraduate Essay 2nd Place Winner, University of Melbourne

Undergraduate Essay Competition

Endodontic Research Grants

Undergraduate Essay Competition

 2016  Title  “Discuss the role of medicaments and materials in teeth undergoing root canal treatment. How do these materials affect the prognosis of teeth undergoing root canal treatment?”
 1st Place  Alice Chen (La Trobe University)
 2nd Place  Aimee Liu (Melbourne University)
 2015  Title  “Discuss the role of microorganisms in the aetiology and pathogenesis of periapical disease.”
 1st Place  Vincent Aw (La Trobe University)
 2nd Place  Tiffany Ke (Melbourne University)
 2014  Title  “Should retention of a tooth be an important goal of Dentistry? How do you decide whether to retain and restore a tooth requiring endodontic treatment or extract and if possible replace the tooth?”
 1st Place  Jessica Zachar (Charles Sturt University)
 2nd Place  Natania Ong (University of Western Australia)
2013 “What can cause the pulps of immature teeth with open apices to become necrotic and what treatment options are available for these teeth”
Judges Dr Donna Richards (NSW)
Dr Geoff Young (NSW)
1st Place Thomas Flanagan (WA)
2nd Place Xinyi Lai (WA)
2012 Title “Discuss the impact technological advances in equipment and materials has made on the delivery and outcome of endodontic treatment”
Judges Dr Anne Harrison (VIC)
Dr Peter Spili (VIC)
1st Place Emad Aldin Lababidi (VIC)
2nd Place Arshia Singh (VIC)
2011 Title “There are various factors that affect the healing of the pulp and peri-radicular tissues following accidental trauma to a tooth. Discuss these factors and how they affect the management of traumatised teeth”
Judges A/Prof Jacky Castro-Salgado (WA)
Dr Arna-Lee Jensen (WA)
1st Place Bayan Habibi (WA)
2nd Place Dominic Mahar (QLD)
2010 Title “Discuss the criteria that determine when a root canal system is ready to be filled”
Judges Dr Rob Hazlewood (QLD)
1st Place Dr Andrew McNaught (QLD)
2nd Place Jarrod Dean
2009 Title “It has been said that MTA is driving an endodontic revolution. Discuss this statement considering the biological and clinical attributes of this innovative material”
Judges Dr Ray Heffer (WA)
Dr Arna-Lee Jenson (WA)
1st Place Jason Khoury (SA)
2nd Place Morgan Wishney (SA)
2008 Title “Discuss the factors that affect the outcome of Endodontic treatment”
Judges Dan Farmer (SA)
Paul Marin (SA)
1st Place Akhil Chandra (WA)
2nd Place Alan Mann (SA)
2007 Title “Elimination Of Micro-Organisms From The Root Canal Is One Of The Main Aims Of Endodontic Treatment”. Discuss This Statement And Outline The Ways That This Can Be Achieved.”
Judges Kurien Mammootil (VIC)
Mark Evans (VIC)
1st Place Eun Jae Hwang (SA)
2nd Place Hsuan-Yu (Jason) Wang (SA)

Undergraduate Essay Competition cont.

2006 Title “Discuss How The Management Of Trauma To The Dentition Is Influenced By The Type And Severity Of Injury”
Judges Fiona Heard (NSW)
Peter Duckmanton (NSW)
1st Place Omar Breik (VIC)
2005 Title “Case Assessment and treatment planning: What governs your decision to treat, refer or replace a tooth that potentially requires endodontic treatment.”
Judges Matthew Gentner (QLD)
Ward Rutley (QLD)
1st Place Kiran Pothukuchi (WA)
2nd Place Beth Loveday (SA)
2004 Title “Diagnosis and treatment planning is essential prior to commencing endodontic treatment. Discuss this statement as it relates to clinical endodontic management.”
Judges Paul Marin
Paul Heijkoop
1st Place Trudy Stewart (SA)
2nd Place Aaron Sheet (SA)
2003 Title “Discuss the Prevention and Management of Procedural Errors During Endoddontic Treatment”
Judges Martin Gale
Seung Tae Kim
1st Place Christophe Duigou (WA)
2nd Place Lyndall Smythe (SA)
2002 Title “Medicaments & materials enhance the prognosis of modern endodontic treatment – Discuss this statement”
Judges Dr Robert Love
Dr Steve Manning
1st Place Amy Grehan (WA)
2nd Place Mandeep Kaur (NZ)
Finalists Suma Sukamar (SA)
Graham Carmichael (WA)
Jonathan Moore (QLD)
Belinda Monagahan (NZ)
Kavitha Sivasithamparam (QLD)
Jeffrey Kaibu (SA)


Post Graduates Case Report

2014 Kehn Yapp
2010 Ben Lee Yap
2009 Dr David Figdor
A/Prof Peter Cathro
2001 Dr David Figdor
Dr Peter Parashos
2000 Dr David Figdor
1999 Dr David Figdor
1998 Dr Jeeraphat Jantarat
Dr John McNamara